When planning your Rajasthan trip, plan to make reservations before going. Decide on which cities you want to visit and book ahead, whether it’s a resort you’d like to stay in, or a rented house. That way you’ll likely get your preferences and ensure there will be no surprises, which is especially important if you’re traveling with babies and toddlers. 

If you’re planning to visit more than one city, take into account the distance between sites and the time of year due to the heat and sand. Don’t forget to buy all the travel necessities, such as diapers, wet wipes, snacks, and a lot of water. 

When dining in Rajasthan, as with the rest of India, be sure your kids aren’t intolerant to some of the spices; they might find them different and strong. 

On your sightseeing excursions, bring lots of water and be sure you’re covered in light clothes to protect you from the sun. Comfortable, closed-toe shoes are also advised, and you should consider hats, especially for the kids.

Interesting Facts About Rajasthan

● On your Rajasthan holiday, you’re bound to see a variety of palaces and forts; this region is abundant with them because of the area’s rich royal history.

● The Thar Desert that surrounds the cities, namely Jaisalmer, is the largest sand area in the country.

● Most of the famous Bollywood movies were filmed somewhere in Rajasthan.

Due to a fairly large number of festivals throughout the year, you’ll likely be there to attend at least one during your Rajasthan vacation. 

Holi is a cultural holiday celebrated in all of Rajasthan on March 13 every year, and it’s followed by music events, public parties and dances, processions, and contagious good vibes and atmosphere. 

Jaipur is known for two great festivals. The first one, the International Kite Festival, takes place on January 13-14 when the enthusiasts gather for the showing and flying of their colorful silk kites. The second--the Elephant Festival--happens on March 13 as part of the Holi celebration, and offers the chance to see these majestic animals in a parade. 

In Udaipur you can attend Mewar Festival on March 29, the spring celebration, when locals wear traditional clothing and the whole city goes out to see the dances and parades. Flamenco and Gypsy Festival happens in Jodhpur on March 18, when people gather to watch performances of the ancient local culture of different dances.

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