Is monsoon the good time to go trekking in Indian Himalayas?

Well, let’s try to put it this way…It has Always, Always, Always been about breaking the rules and pushing the limits when in the Indian Himalayas. Be it the season of snowy winter or the threatening monsoon time with landslide and roadblock threats; the spirit of those hopelessly in love with Indian Himalayas cannot be broken. However, if we go by the records, the season of monsoon does witness a bit of slow pace tourism, and that’s probably because of the widespread misconception that no interesting activity can be enjoyed in the rainy season. But we beg to differ! Monsoon, though a little naughty and annoying sometimes, is indeed ideal time for trekking in the Indian Himalayas. In fact, the truth is, there are several treks that can only be done in the monsoon season. And all one needs to do is to research well, carry the appropriate gears and most importantly have a heart for adventure.

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